Support & Empower Refugees


French Refugee Council is providing assistance to asylum seekers and refugees who have fled from war and political persecution in their country of origin and helping them realize their potential through the following initiatives:

French Refugee Council fournit une assistance aux demandeurs d'asile et aux réfugiés qui ont fui la guerre et les persécutions politiques et les aide à atteindre leurs objectifs, par la mise en avant de leur potentiel, grâce aux initiatives suivantes:

Access to education in emergency situations, after the provision of basic protections such as shelter, clothing, food, and healthcare is the primary need for refugee communities. Many of the individuals fleeing the war scene in Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan and other unsafe countries are scholars, academic, students, or young people at the age of becoming students. Many of them had their opportunities for further education disrupted due to the war and conflict. Many more are in the age of university studies but have never had the option to initiate their studies. FRC is committed to providing asylum seekers and refugees new opportunities to access education and professional training in France and at the EU level.

French Refugee Council's main mission is to empower refugees in order to become self-sufficient through direct services and educational program. FRC's aim is to build a relationship and cross-cultural understanding between citizens and refugee communities all over the country. French Refugee Council is very thankful to the French communities who have joined us in solidarity to support refugees in becoming a successful member of the community they live in. FRC with the help of its vast group of volunteers is working to facilitate self-reliance among refugees all over France in accessing government services, education, employment  and integration opportunities.